Winter Storm Warning & Watch Updated

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Our next system will bring a pretty healthy swath of snow across the Cascades and southern Oregon overall. Right now the forecast is calling for snow levels to fall to 2000 feet right along the front, which should allow snow to accumulate on some of the lower passes along I-5. In addition, the higher passes along I-5 and the Cascades will see 6-12 inches overall. Crater lake will see the most snow as we’re forecasting 16 inches of snow. East of the Cascades are also expected to see 8 to 12 inches of snow near Chemult and Crescent. As colder air settles in on Wednesday morning, snow levels will dip even further down to 1300 feet giving us the potential for minor accumulations in the Rogue Valley and areas in the Illinois valley. 

Be sure to check road conditions before venturing out. 

Monitor the forecast closely for updates as the details become more clear. Also, go ahead and prepare alternate travel plans to avoid driving in wintry conditions. Now is the time to stock your winter travel kit and be sure to keep it with you if you must travel.

Winter Storm Warning / Watch

WINTER STORM WARNING - Above 2500' in effect from 1:00 PM Tuesday to 7:00 AM Wednesday.

WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY - Above 2000' in effect from 1:00 PM Tuesday to 7:00 AM Wednesday.

  • WHAT:
    • Heavy snow ABOVE 2500 feet expected - Light to moderate snow above 2000 feet expected.
    • Accumulations in the Cascades of 12 to 18 inches with localized amounts of up to 20 inches expected.
    • Warning level accumulations of 4 to 8 inches, with localized amounts up to 10 inches expected. Total snow accumulations of 2 to 4 inches, with localized amounts up to 6 inches expected.
  • WHERE:
    • The Winter Storm Warning is for the Cascade Crests, Highway 62 and 138 near Crater Lake and Diamond Lake, Highway 140 between White City and Klamath Falls, Highway 97 between Chiloquin and Crescent.
    • The Winter Weather Advisory is for most other areas of Klamath County including Highway 97 from Chiloquin south to Klamath Falls, Highways 140 and 66, and Klamath Falls, Interstate 5 at Siskiyou Summit and Highway 66.
  • WHEN: 1 PM Tuesday to 7 AM Wednesday. The heaviest snowfall rates will occur between 4 PM and 10 PM Tuesday.

Plan on difficult travel conditions,including during the evening commute on Tuesday. Look for significant reductions in visibility at times.

Travel is strongly discouraged because of dangerous conditions. If you must travel, keep tire chains, a flashlight, blankets, food, water, medications, and a fully charged phone with you. The safest place during a winter storm is indoors. A Winter Storm Warning means that severe winter weather is likely and poses a threat to life and property. Take protective action now.

Affected Area(s): Southern Oregon Cascades, South Central Oregon Cascades, Siskiyou Mountains, Klamath Basin; Northern and Eastern Klamath County and Western Lake County

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