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Klamath Falls News reaches, on average, over 263,000 people each month with an average over 1,000,000 impressions monthly on Facebook alone.  That is a lot of eyeballs seeing your advertising and sponsorship's. Some of our average monthly key metrics of Klamath Falls News include:

  • Average Total Reach/Month - 263,000

  • Average Total Impressions/Month - 1,000,000

  • Average Total Engagement/Month - 56,000

  • Average Reach Engaged in content - 23%

  • Average Total Videos Watched/Month - 62,000

  • Average Monthly Website Traffic

    • 22,000 Pageviews

    • 2.97 Pages/session

    • 1.23% Bounce Rate

    • 1 min 14 seconds per visit

  • Estimated monthly banner ad impressions: 100,000/ad.

Last update, February 1, 2019. Average monthly calculated from August 2017 - January 2019.

Current advertising opportunities include but are not limited to: Ask Klamath, business spotlight, remote broadcasts, news content advertising, weather advertising, and sports advertising.

Click the Current Opportunities button below for a full list of options. If you do not see something that catches your attention below. Contact us, we specialize in custom advertising/sponsorship packages for your business.