Bonanza Hosts Career Fair

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Bonanza Jr./Sr. High School students got a look at potential jobs and colleges in their futures at the Bonanza Career Fair.

On Feb. 8, Bonanza FBLA filled the gym with booths showcasing Klamath Basin careers and colleges. All 200 students in grades 7 through 12 attended. “We hope they open up their minds to the future and see what different careers we have in our local Bonanza area and our Basin area,” said Madelyn Cunningham, FBLA regional vice president.

“Hopefully an idea of a career path or maybe just what it’s like to go to college or what it’s like to go into the work force,” said Zoey Johnson, Bonanza FBLA vice president and chairman of the American enterprise team.

Zoey and Madelyn singlehandedly organized the career fair. They started off with a list of 60 businesses. Those able to attend included FBLA, Klamath County District Attorney’s Office, College of Cosmetology, Oregon State University Klamath Basin Research and Extension Center, Oregon Tech, U.S. Forest Service and realty companies Fisher Nicholson Realty and Summit Real

“We wanted a big variety,” Zoey said. “A few of ours students want to go into agriculture and a lot of our students are interested in all of these colleges.”

“When they’re so young, or even when they’re seniors, they’re not really thinking about this kind of stuff,” Madelyn said. “We’re hoping by coming here it will put them on track to prepare them for these places.”

Both Zoey and Madelyn are seniors, but hope the career fair can become a yearly event. They hope FBLA can continue the program next year. This is the first career fair at Bonanza in many years.

After high school Madelyn plans to attend college aiming for a career in mentoring or leadership programs. Zoey plans to become a video game designer. She said organizing for the career fair helps prepare her for working in with teams of other designers to build video games.

“It just helps to be able to gain the leadership skills for this kind of thing,” she said.

Press release and photography from Samantha Tipler, Public Relations, Klamath County School District.