High Schools Hold Events March 14 to Mark Walk Up Not Out

File Photo, Henley High School Assembly (Brian Gailey)

File Photo, Henley High School Assembly (Brian Gailey)

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Response to Florida tragedy, focus on positive

Mazama, Henley and Gilchrist high schools are taking time on March 14 to focus on the positive, show ways to help one another, and mark the tragic school shooting that happened in Parkland, Florida, on Feb. 14.

“We’re just trying to pull together rather than divide us,” said Mazama Principal Steve Morosin. “We just wanted to do something positive.”

The plans came in response for a call for a national walk-out on March 14. Klamath County schools decided to use this as an opportunity to help students, rather than house a protest. 

Mazama and Henley will both hold assemblies at the start of school, around 9 a.m., on Wednesday, March 14.

At Henley, students will sign a banner which they will send to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to show support for their fellow students.

“This is a student-driven event,” Henley Principal Jack Lee said, emphasizing students wanted to choose kindness and encourage everyone to “walk up” instead of “walk out.” Walk up to students who need their help, support or a smile.

During Henley’s assembly, Klamath County District Attorney Eve Costello will speak about the events in Florida. The assembly will feature a 17-second moment of silence. A spotlight will shine on the desks with the names of the 17 victims and white balloons. Later in the day Costello will meet with smaller groups of students to further discuss the dangers of violence, bullying and drugs.

At Mazama, the assembly will track 17 minutes on the basketball score clock for the 17 victims in Florida. With each minute that ticks by, students will hang the name of a victim from Parkland. Students will pose for one large photo, which they will sign and send to Marjory
Stoneman Douglas High as a show of solidarity.

Additionally, each Mazama student will receive a small card. They will be tasked with performing 17 acts of kindness, write the acts of kindness on the cards and turn them in at the end of the day. The school will make a mural featuring all the ways students are helping one another.

Gilchrist’s leadership class will hold an assembly during advisory time at 11:30 a.m.. Speakers will present short messages in recognition of the students who lost their lives. The assembly will be a tribute to the students in Parkland.

Press release provided by Klamath County School District.