Klamath Heritage: Skating on Upper Klamath Lake

Klamath County Museum

Klamath County Museum

Klamath County Museum’s Photo of the Week for Dec. 23, 2018, is an undated image showing a number of skaters enjoying the ice of Upper Klamath Lake near Moore Park. Over the years officials strove to discourage skating on the lake, particularly after three young skaters fell through ice and drowned – one in 1935 and two more in 1940.

Locals were encouraged to take advantage of numerous alternative skating locations, including private ponds around the community and even the A Canal. In 1940 the city acquired land on the south shore of Upper Klamath Lake and created a lagoon that doubled as a boat harbor in summer and an ice rink in winter. Then in 1948 the city leveled a parcel of ground at Moore Park on the south side of Lakeshore Drive for an ice rink.

Despite the best efforts of officials, many skaters continued to be drawn to the lake, especially if the Moore Park ice rink was crowded, and particularly after the Moore Park ice rink was abandoned in the 1970s. The lake often offered perfectly smooth ice, and plenty of wide-open space.

The Moore Park ice rink, incidentally, was brought back around 1993 thanks in large part to efforts by skating enthusiast Bill Collier. The Community Ice Arena, which opened in 2002 at the Running Y Ranch Resort, was named in honor of Collier.

Judging from the clothing and eyeglasses, museum staff guesses this photo was taken in the 1960s. Recognize anyone?

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