Lonestar leaves thousands 'Amazed' at the fair

Photo Story: Day 3 of the Klamath County Fair

Lonestar performs for a packed house at the 2019 Klamath County Fair. August 3, 2019 (Image, Brian Gailey / Klamath Falls News)

Lonestar performs for a packed house at the 2019 Klamath County Fair. August 3, 2019 (Image, Brian Gailey / Klamath Falls News)


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Lonestar’s Richie McDonald performs for the 2019 Klamath County Fair. August 3, 2019. (Image, Brian Gailey / Klamath Falls News)

County music legends, Lonestar arrived in Klamath Falls after leaving Whitefish, Montana the night before. 14-hours in a bus did not hinder the legendary group as they rocked the Klamath County Event Center like no performer has ever done before.

Richie, Michael, Keech and Dean performed many of their best hits and included a few songs by other artist, that you will not find on any previous Lonestar branded album.

Lonestar integrated the community into their show. Dean Sams announced that today, August 3rd, was his birthday. Sams also announced that he was not alone in celebrating his birthday in Klamath Falls. A child in the audience had a sign that said it was his birthday too. Lonestar invited the birthday boy to join them on stage. They sang him ‘Happy Birthday,’ and even brought out a cake. The two birthday boys blew out the candles together. Lonestar then proceeded to autograph a drumstick on stage and gave it to the young man as a present.

Lonestar continued their amazing gratitude for Klamath County by allowing longtime Fairgrounds Maintenance employee, Drew Patzke to bring his girlfriend, Kaitlin Collom, on stage. Patzke then got on one knee to propose. She said yes. Lonestar then played their hit ‘Amazed’ while the couple danced on stage.

The Klamath County Fair was Lonestar’s 14th stop of their 39 stop Lonely Grill Tour.

Drew Patzke, a Klamath County Fairgrounds maintenance employee dances with his new fiance, Kaitlin Collom on stage as Lonestar plays Amazed. Patzke proposed to Collom moments earlier on stage with the help of Lonestar. August 3, 2019. (Image, Brian Gailey / Klamath Falls News)

Fair recap / preview

Madison Shearer celebrates with her sheep after winning Grand Champion Showman at the 2019 Klamath Count Fair. August 3, 2019 (Image, Brian Gailey / Klamath Falls News)

So much happened today at the 2019 Klamath County Fair that if you were not there you missed out on one incredible day. Today, the best showmen in the 4-H and FFA animal classes were crowned. The 4-H Iron Chef competition was held and so too was the watermelon seed spitting contest.

Sunday, August 4, is the final day of the fair but it is the most important day of it all. As tomorrow is home to the Rotary Auction. All the preparation of the animals - showing, grooming, feeding, and stall cleaning - all leads to the auction.

Today’s 4-H and FFA youth raise these animals with love, care and appreciation. Growing them as a better person. Learning hardships to rewards. Some will continue on and raise another animal for next year. For others this will be the last year they can participate before aging out of the program. A few more will move on to college, where the life skills learned raising livestock will aid them in pursuing their dreams.

The fair opens tomorrow at 10:00 AM and will close at 8:00 PM. The Klamath Falls Rotary will host a BBQ lunch for action buyers at noon and the livestock auction starts at 1:30 PM.

Fair admission on Sunday is free and it is ‘buddy day’ in the carnival. Bring a friend and get two ride bracelets for the price of one.


What does a livestock judge look for?


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