Solutions are targeted and affordable

Prices start at $100 for regular sponsorships and in some cases free. 

Klamath Falls News reaches, on average 267,000+ people each month.  That is a lot of eyeballs seeing your advertising and sponsorship's. Some of our average monthly key metrics of Klamath Falls News include:

  • 69% of our audience is women mostly between ages 25-54
  • Reach*: 267,000
  • Impressions*: 1.14 Million
  • Engagement*: 63,000 (24% of total reach is engaged in content)
  • Videos Watched*: 65,000
    *Average Monthly
    Updated monthly, last update May 13, 2018

Advertising opportunities include sponsorship's of stories, website and talk show advertising. A full list is described below. If you do not see something that catches your attention below. Contact us, we specialize in custom advertising/sponsorship packages for your business.

Current Advertising Opportunities


LIVE On Location Broadcast Services

  • Business Spotlight - LIVE Tour of Your Business
    Showcase your products, employees and facilities. We come and tour your business for a non promotional tour to show what you have, what is new and what you do for others. This video is LIVE on Facebook where you can share it. It will also be published on our website. 
    FREE, Limit 4 per month.  Contact us to book yours.
  • LIVE Remote Broadcast from Your Sale/Event
    Bring in traffic for your event, sale, or promotion. We come in and chat with you about what your business is offering for a promotional opportunity. This video is LIVE on Facebook and shareable by you and your business.  Boosting opportunities are available for extra $$.
    $100 per Broadcast (Facebook Boost Available)

Weekly Shows

Ask Klamath, Season 1

A LIVE Q&A style talk show, hosted by KFN Publisher, Brian Gailey, Broadcast on Facebook LIVE. 

The general premise of Ask Klamath includes; host Brian Gailey plus and an invited guest (local politician, business owner, civic leader, etc) to participate in a question and answer show on Facebook LIVE. Similar to the extremely popular category of “Ask Me Anything” currently trending on a variety of Social Media Platforms.

Topics vary from show-to-show as questions are submitted from the Friends of Klamath Falls News ahead of the show. Questions will also be gathered through LIVE comments during the broadcast.

Ask Klamath broadcasts for 35-minutes consisting of; a pre-roll countdown, an introduction, three 10-minute segments, two commercial breaks, closing segment, and a post-show commercial break. Ask Klamath will also be archived to the KFN Facebook & YouTube pages along with AskKlamath.com. 

Sponsorship's are sold by the season.  Season 1 available now - May 16, 2018 to July 25, 2018. Season 2 to be announced soon. 

  • Presenting Sponsor (1) 
    Logo on title screen, verbal mention during broadcast, LIVE advertising plug during the show, corner bug logo, thank you at conclusion, and a guest spot as an Ask Klamath guest in a future episode. Includes, Advertising Sponsorship. $3750
    SOLD - Excel Auto Body

  • Advertising Sponsor (4)
    Four 30-second commercials shown during the show. A pre-show countdown, two live scheduled during breaks, and a spot following the show. Website banner advertising on the www.AskKlamath.com. $1500
    SOLD 1 - Klamath County Fairgrounds
    SOLD 2 - Klamath Spine
    SOLD 3 - Ace Towing
    SOLD 4 - Available

  • Location Sponsor (1) 
    The hosting location for the show. Includes verbal mention / thank you, allows product placement in the set. Allows after hours business use of the location for setup, show and tear down.
    SOLD - Gathering Ground Roastery

    Sponsorship's do not include broadcast commercial production. We have a list of quality commercial creation teams available.

Ask Klamath, Season 2

Information coming soon.

News Content Advertising


Home Page / Featured News Advertisement

Located right on the home page next to the Featured News area, this is a prime location for advertising on KlamathFallsNews.org.  This clickable banner ad can direct traffic to your website, event, or sale. Limited to four advertisers at a time. $500/month, or $150/week.


All Stories Banner Advertisement

This is the most visible and exclusive advertisement on the website. The banner ad is placed to the right of each and every story - News, Weather or Sports on the entire website. This clickable banner ad can direct traffic to your website, event, or sale. Limited to four advertisers at a time. $500/month, or $150/week.

Public Safety

Historically, one of our most popular categories each week is Public Safety. This ad spot allows your business the opportunity to be associated with all Public Safety stories - Police, Fire, EMS, etc. Includes a clickable banner the Public Safety category, as well as on each Public Safety story, and mention on all Facebook postings regarding Public Safety. $400/month.

Local News

Our news categories are the most popular pages on the website. Many of our stories are featured inside this category. Local News Advertising includes, a clickable banner ad. Clicks on the banner ad can be sent to your website, or wherever you choose. PLUS one of the only three available spaces to advertise on the home page of Klamath Falls News. $400/month.

Weekly Features

Each week we feature stories that our audience has come to expect and love. These stories are presented by local businesses tying your brand to the story. Below are some of our regular stories published each week and their availability. $300/category/month

  • This Week in Photos, Sun-Tues Evenings - SOLD Gathering Grounds Roasetery
  • Basin Adventures, Wednesday Evening - SOLD Klamath Falls KOA
  • Weekend Planner, Thursday Evening - SOLD Gaucho Collective
  • Recreation Report, Thursday Afternoons - SOLD, Shasta Family Dental (Available 6/1)
  • Business Spotlight, Friday Afternoons - Available

Category Sponsorship

Klamath Falls News covers a variety of news worthy topics and each of those topics are broken into their own sponsorship opportunities. Below are a few of those categories available. Each category sponsorship includes a clickable banner ad on the page for that category. Clicks on the banner ad can be sent to your website, or wherever you choose. $200/month/category.

Special Sections

Fair Special Sponsorship's - Price TBD
KFN covers the Klamath County Fair and Tulelake Butte Valley Fair like none other. We spend all day every day of fair inside the fairgrounds sharing the stories of the fair. In 2017 we broadcast LIVE or shared stories over 30 times, interviewing 4-H and FFA members, staff, vendors, provided updates and so much more.

These stories offer some of our best viewership's of the year. Opportunities include - Fair Week Sponsor, Daily Sponsors, Tag Sponsors, Mention Sponsors and more.

Weather Advertising

Summer weather Season Sponsorship's

Season - April 1 - September 30
Quarter - April 1 - July 31
and August 1 - September 30

Fire Season Sponsorship - SOLD (Excel Auto Body)
Historically our most popular pieces of content are our fire weather and forest fire updates. We provide continuous updates of area wildfires, community briefings, interviews, visits to fire camp and more.

The Fire Season Sponsorship, includes exclusive sponsorship of LIVE updates from fire camps, press updates, astonishing photography and more. Also included is a clickable banner ad on the Wildfire Season page (Coming Soon) and mentions on any wildfire related story. Clicks on the banner ad can be sent to your website, or wherever you choose. Does not include Fire Weather Warnings and Watches.

$4000/season (Season sponsorship only. Billable in 2 equal parts. Not available monthly)


Summer Weather & Advisories Sponsorship
This item includes summer weather alerts & advisories (Thunderstorm, Heat, Extreme Wind, Tornado, Red Flag Warning, Fire Weather Watch, etc.). These updates and advisories are published to our website and Facebook.

Also included is a clickable banner ad on the KFN Weather Pages and mentions on any weather related story and advertisement on Home Page. Clicks on the banner ad can be sent to your website, or wherever you choose.

$2000/season, $1250/quarter or $500/month

Sports Advertising

Klamath Falls News Sports

KFN covers a wide variety of sports and athletics in the Klamath Basin. Our daily updates include high school athletics, Oregon Tech and the Klamath Falls Gems. Updates are published as they are available through out the day.

Sponsorship includes a home page banner ad, rotating clickable banner ad on the page for the Klamath Falls News Local Sports page, High School Sports page, Oregon Tech Sports page and the Klamath Falls Gems. Banner clicks can be sent to your website, or elsewhere.

Also included are mentions of sponsorship inside the article text both on the website and Facebook.

Limit 6 sponsors $600/quarter (5 Available) 
Current Advertisers:

  • Ace Towing
  • Gaucho Collective
  • Klamath County Fairgrounds
  • CrossFit Hogback

Last updated - June 4, 2018