How to Help

In a time of crisis people naturally want to reach out and help. Efforts are highly appreciated. Here are a few other suggestions for you to consider.

For Firefighters

  • Thank you notes and banners.

  • Donations to Wildland Firefighter Foundation.

  • Join or support your local fire department or emergency organizations- they appreciate your generosity since they are often the first responders.

  • Create and maintain a defensible space around your home! Give emergency responders and yourself a fighting chance to save your property. For tips, visit the Firewise USA site.

Please Note - Fire camps cannot accept food items due to health and federal contract regulations. Fire crews are fed three meals a day plus snacks. 


For Evacuees

  • Donate to local charitable organizations like the Red Cross.

  • Donate to local food banks, which sometimes get forgotten when fires impact a community.

  • Contact local emergency management teams to see where shelters are and what the needs include.