Fire Prevention

Help prevent wildfire in the Pacific Northwest. There is not much we can do about lightning sparked wildfire. However, human caused wildfires are completely preventable AND when battling those blazes it takes away valuable, highly limited resources from other wildfires. 

How you can help prevent forest fire. 

  1. Check your local areas fire restrictions.

  2. Do not use explosives, including fireworks and exploding targets in the forest. They are prohibited on public lands all year.

  3. Do not park on dry grass. Hot exhaust systems can ignite dry grass. Park in designated areas or areas free of flammable materials.

  4. When towing check your trailer chains to ensure they are not dragging. A dragging chain can spark a series of fires along a roadway.

  5. Use caution when using power equipment when mowing, clearing debris or woodcutting. Use power tools only when available with your local regulations.

Report a Fire

Dial 911. Be prepared to tell the dispatcher who you are, where the fire is located and how to contact you. Do not hang up until the dispatcher asks you to