Active Shooter Drill Conducted at Henley

Klamath Falls, Ore - Henley High School was a host location for a safety drill today. The drill was based on an active shooter scenario.

Many agencies came together on this drill including: Klamath County School DistrictKlamath Falls Police Department, Klamath County Sheriff Department, Oregon State Police, Merrill Police, Klamath County Fire District No. 1 and others.

Students were released early today in county schools so teachers from all KCSD schools could attend. Approximately 600 teachers from around the district participated and played the role of students at the school.

In this drill, blank ammunition was fired inside the school triggering the active shooter alarm. Actors, played the role of casualties in hallways and in the library. Henley based instructors remained in their classrooms securing and locking down the rooms.

Classrooms were locked down as soon as the alarm began and remained that way until the shooter had been incapacitated and police came to evacuate classrooms.

Police, Fire, KCSD Officials and members of the media watched as the training unfolded.

Following the drill, a debriefing was held inside the gym where drill organizers informed participants of what happened during the exercise and answered questions regarding the incident.

More information on the drill, photos and videos will be coming soon from Klamath Falls News.

(VIDEO: In this video we witness a classroom evacuation. You will see that the evacuees are told to put their hands up and on their head. This is to show that none of the students (played by teachers) are holding a weapon and could potentially continue the attack and harm others.)