Sheriff Kaber Update on Threats to Chiloquin HS 

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In a letter emailed to Klamath Falls News, Klamath County Sheriff, Chris Kaber provides the following update on the recent threats to Chiloquin High School.

On Thursday (February 22nd) a Klamath County Sheriff’s Office - School Resource Officer (SRO) and staff at Chiloquin High School dealt with a student issue regarding inappropriate and menacing statements made by one student which resulted in an in-school suspension. Later that evening, the alleged statements were shared with others, exaggerated as to their meaning and intent, and then posted from person to person on social media (Facebook). Near midnight, KCSO deputies were alerted and again responded. After speaking with the responsible person(s) and parents, the deputies determined there was no actual threat to the school or any children. The damage was already done however, and more than half of the students in the Chiloquin area did not attend classes today.   

This morning, the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office doubled the amount of School Resource Officers assigned to the Chiloquin campus and they were able to continue the investigation into the original complaint. One high school student was charged with Menacing, Disorderly Conduct First Degree, and Initiating a False Report. 

Additional Information: The Klamath County Sheriff’s Office has responded to many reports of threats in several of our schools over the past weeks and we take each one seriously. None of them have proven to be based in any actual planned attack, but usually have come in the form of negligent words, verbal threats with mention of gun violence, or threatening messages left for others to find. In today’s society we are constantly aware that if we let our guard down, even one time, it could result in a missed opportunity to stop someone from harming children.

Please help us educate our school-aged children on the damage these types of “jokes” can cause…and when they are old enough to be held accountable…let them know how serious an issue this can become for them if they chose to engage in this type of behavior.

Thank you,
Sheriff Chris Kaber